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Julie’s Fitness Studio is a locally owned personal training studio in the heart of downtown Whitehouse. Established in 2014 the studio offers personal training, group exercise classes, SilverSneakers classes, nutritional help and a supportive atmosphere. With 23 group exercise classes to choose from our instructors can guide and modify any exercise to fit your ability. Whether you’re just starting your fitness journey or trying to reach certain goals we can help. Our personal trainers are certified and have experience with all abilities. The studio prides itself on a “family atmosphere” where you’re known by name and not just another member. If you’re looking to jumpstart your weight loss or continue your fitness journey the studio is the place for you.

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To inspire, motivate and create a better you!

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***Spin classes - require signups and extra fees  Signup
Yoga classes - require extra fees
SilverSneakers (Cheryl Rodgers): 419-367-7471
Bee Free Yoga (Sheila Watson): 419-410-3990; beefreeyoga@gmail.com


To inspire, motivate and create a better you!

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    Spin Express With Lisa Or Ginny

    Mon/Fri @ 5:00 AM

    A 40 minute spin class

  • 20/20/20 With Dawn

    Mon @ 8:00 AM

    A 60 minute class that begins with 20 minutes of step and goes into 20 minutes of weights and finishes with 20 minutes of balance and core work.

  • SilverSneakers Flex Strength And Balance/ Cardio Drumming With Cheryl

    Mon/Wed @ 9:15 AM

    A 45 minute class using hand weights, elastic bands and small hand held balls all while standing or seated for seniors. No floor exercises.

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    Turbo Kick With Mallory

    Mon/Thur @ 6:00 PM

    A 60 minute class packed with real kickboxing moves, calorie-blasting HIIT training, and body weight exercises.

  • Spin/TRX With Becky

    Mon @ 7:00 PM

    30 minutes of spin and 30 minutes of TRX

  • Fully Fit Express With Mary

    Tue/Thur @ 4:00 PM

    A 45 minute class designed to work every muscle using hand weights along with cardio bursts and core strengthening

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    Fully Fit With Juile

    Tues @ 6:00 PM
    Sat @ 9:15 AM

    A 60 minute class designed to work every muscle using hand weights along with cardio bursts and core strengthening

  • Hot Yoga with Lisa

    Tue @ 7:00 PM

    With hot yoga you will gain all-over strength, flexibility, and stress reduction. All while transforming your mood leaving you in the mellowest state possible.

  • Spin/Sculpt with Ginny/Becky

    Wed @ 5:00 AM (Express Class)
    Thur @ 9:00 AM

    A 60 minute class starting with 30 minutes of spin followed by 30 minutes of toning and core work. THE WEDNESDAY CLASS IS A 40 MINUTE EXPRESS CLASS TO START YOUR DAY OFF RIGHT!

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    Cardio Drumming with Mary

    Wed @ 6:00 PM
    Fri @ 9:00 AM

    A 60 minute class using drumsticks and exercise balls to provide a full body workout.

  • Yoga with Sheila

    Wed @ 7:45 AM and 7:15PM
    Fri @ 6:15 AM
    Sun @4:00PM

    A 60 minute yoga class.

  • SliverSneakers Chair Yoga

    Fri @ 10:15 AM

    A 60 minute yoga class.

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    for a class

    Spin and Core Galore with Ginny

    Sat @ 8:00AM

    A 50 minute spin class followed by 10 minutes of core.

  • Butts/Guts & Guns with Becky

    Sun @ 9:00 AM

    A 60 minute class that will work on your overall tone and strength with a focus on your backside and core.

Our Amazing Instructors

To inspire, motivate and create a better you!

Julie Westenfelder

Julie Westenfelder

I have lived in the Anthony Wayne district all my life.   I graduated from Anthony Wayne High School and then got my bachelors degree from Bowling Green State University.   I have 2 boys, Isaac and Ethan, who are both Anthony Wayne students and participate in cross country, basketball, and track.   I am a certified W.I.T.S. personal trainer, certified group exercise instructor, certified TRX® instructor, and a certified Spinning® instructor.   I have been teaching group exercise classes since 2005 and have been a personal trainer since 2010.   As an added challenge I enjoy running and have completed 4 half marathons!

I decided to become a personal trainer after I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009.   That diagnosis changed my life direction and it became crystal clear that I wanted to help people anyway that I could just like the surgeons/nurses helped me through my surgery/recovery!   I love the one on one relationship that you build with each client and the results are amazing!   This is my full time job and I love changing people’s lives!

"To inspire, motivate and create a better you" perfectly describes my goals for my personal training clients.   My wide range of experience includes working with preschoolers on gross motor skills, school athletes and sports conditioning, weight loss for all ages, and even the older generation on improving balance and functional movements.   If you have the desire and determination to work toward your goals I can help you achieve them!

Lisa Caswell

Lisa Caswell

Lisa is currently teaching spin classes at Julie’s Fitness Studio. She was certified as a Group Exercise instructor in 2004 and has taught Step Aerobics, Group Power and Spinning® classes. Lisa is a certified Spinning® instructor. She is married and has three children. Her hobbies are running, bike riding and spending time with her family. She currently teaches Mathematics at Perrysburg Junior High School.

Mary Dressel

Mary Dressel

As a child and teen I built a strong physical foundation through competitive gymnastics. As an adult however, my commitment to fitness and general wellness was an on-again off-again thing. A few years ago I began running for the first time. I went from my first 5k in April of 2012, to a full marathon the following April. And then in typical me fashion, I quit running. After almost two years of doing nothing, I slowly started running again, and going to Julie's studio. I got serious about fitness, and ran another full marathon in October of 2015, taking 13 minutes off my time! I know that this was due being more fully fit, and I have Julie to thank. My hope is that I can help others, like Julie helped me, to realize that they are more capable of reaching whatever goals they have, and even surpass them.

Outside of the studio I am a fourth grade teacher at Whitehouse Primary. I also live in Whitehouse with my husband of 16 years, and our two children. Both of my children are involved in track and cross country, and running with them in Oak Openings is my current favorite thing to do!

Cheryl Rodgers

Cheryl Rodgers

I am the mother of a 19 year old college student that attends The Ohio State University. I am a certified W.I.T.S. personal trainer, certified SilverSneakers group instructor in Cardio, Circuit, and Chair Yoga. I am currently teaching classes as a SilverSneakers FLEX instructor. I also work part time as clinic aide in an elementary school clinic. I decided to become a personal trainer after years of struggling with weight issues myself. After losing a significant amount of weight a few years ago, I decided to reach out and help others to motivate them to live a more active lifestyle. I enjoy working with the senior age group. I continue to work out, take yoga classes and walk on a regular basis. SilverSneakers FLEX Strength and Balance with Cheryl (Wed @ 10:00a) – a 45 min class using hand weights, elastic bands and small hand held balls all while standing or seated for seniors. No floor exercises.

Dawn Haas

Dawn Haas

My name is Dawn Haas. I taught fourth grade for 27 years and recently retired from teaching!! I have taught group exercise classes for the last eight years. My certifications include American Council on Exercise group fitness instructor, YogaFit yoga instructor, and APA-1 aqua aerobics instructor. I teach step aerobics, water aerobics, indoor cycling, yoga and weight training. I absolutely love teaching group fitness classes. I think it's the most enjoyable way to workout!

Ginny York

Ginny York

I have been married for 14 years and have 3 boys. Prior to being married and having children exercise was a big part of my life; now that my children are older its getting easier to get back into fitness and exercise. Early morning runs are my favorite way to start the day!

My full time job is at the University of Toledo Medical Center where I work as a Licensed Professional Counselor in the Department of Psychiatry. Exercise is an important tool in improving mood and maintaining good emotional health. Becoming a Spinning® instructor has been a great way to incorporate the mind and body into the fitness experience!

Mary Grosse

Mary Grosse

Mary has a passion for fitness and strives to disguise her exercise classes as a fun adventure. She enjoys teaching cardio drumming, dance, and group weight training. Besides her love for teaching, Mary's first love is her family. Her favorite role is being a wife and mom. She is also fond of her "real" job as a graphic designer. Her specialty is product design/illustration in the toy and hobby industry. I guess you can say she never wants to grow up.

Becky Williamson

Becky Williamson

I am currently certified in Spin, Yoga, group power and group ride and have been teaching fitness classes for 13 years. I have taught just about everything from TRX, Piyo, TurboKick, and step aerobics. Although my degree is in interior design, I love being active and teaching classes! I love to also run outside and ride bikes with my four kids, Eliza, Max and twins Maggie & Annie.. I love cooking and baking which is why I teach a lot of classes!!

Da Netra Smith

Da Netra Smith

My name is Da Netra Smith and I have been an ACE Certified Personal Trainer since 2014. Along with being a Personal Trainer I am a Certified TRX instructor, ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor, and an ACE Fitness Nutrition Specialist. In 2018 my goal is to finish my studies as a Pilates, Yoga, and Mind-Body Specialist to work with clients to focus and relax relieving the stress of the day. I am also studying to be an ACE Cancer Exercise Specialist. Each year over 12 Million people are diagnosed with cancer. With the increase of potential clients with cancer I want to make sure that those clients are comfortable and will know that I will make each session specific from their treatment for their goals in Survivorship. I promote a community where being healthy physically and mentally is essential. My goal is to work with my clients encouraging you to make healthy habits so you can achieve a healthy lifestyle. Each session is specifically designed to have optimum benefits so when you leave you will feel energized and successful throughout your day.

Mary Corkins

Mallory Lee Corkins

After getting engaged in 2015 I knew I needed to make some major health changes so that I would look amazing for my big day. So, I set out to get fit at my local fitness club. Little did I know I would stumble across my soulmate workout, Turbo Kick! I also discovered I had a passion to share this amazing workout with everyone so I set out to become an instructor to do just that.

I completed my Turbo Kick Instructor training November 2017 and can’t wait to get the party started with YOU!! Although Turbo is a high-intensity cardio workout, I’ll be sure to show modifications over time so that if jumping around isn’t your thing you can still get a killer workout. I know you’ll see amazing results (I’ve personally lost over 30 pounds)!! So if you are looking to let loose, have fun, feel strong and get your sweat on, this is the class for you!


To inspire, motivate and create a better you!

Angie and Tim

Update on Tim and Angie Pyle! Through a trainers eyes............These two have continued to amaze me. They started their weight loss journey with me in September and Angie has lost 48.8 lbs, 26 1/2 inches and has gone down 2 shirt sizes and 3 pant sizes!!!! Tim has lost 70.2 lbs, 20 inches and gone down 4 pant sizes and 1 shirt size! They continue to train with me once a week, attend classes at the studio, workout at home, and most importantly make healthy food choices everyday! Interestingly enough Tim's weight loss stalled a bit so we re-evaluated his calorie consumption. He was eating 2000 calories a day but with the amount of running he was doing it was not enough. Sure enough once we bumped him up to 2500 calories a day he started losing again! This is an important lesson in that there is truth to properly fueling your body for workouts. If you do not eat enough you WILL NOT lose weight. Tim will be running the upcoming Glass City Half Marathon and I'm hoping to convince Angie to run the studio's 5k in June. :) So proud of your journey and wishing them continued success!

Kayla Bohman

It was weeks before my son Christian’s 1st birthday, and I desperately needed to be planning his party, but instead I found myself standing looking in the mirror and thinking “If I could just lose this extra weight.” This wasn’t the first time I had done this, it was something I had done hundreds of times. What was different now was that I was thinking about my son, and the fact that he was soon going to be running all over and I was going to want to keep up with him, not watch him from the couch. I decided right then and there that more than anything else, I wanted to be a healthy mom for him, one he could look up to, and I knew at that moment I wasn’t that person.

Although I had started spinning at Julie’s a month or so before my revelation, and that was a great workout for me, I knew that for me, it just wasn’t enough. As soon as I began spinning I would hear people talk about how great Julie was, and how great the gym itself was. One Saturday I decided to take a deep breath and talk to Julie about my situation. In thinking back, I could not have possibly realized how much that split-second decision, and the phone call that followed, would change my life. I was able to open up to Julie; she listened and understood what I was going through. I felt so comfortably with her from the very beginning, and I knew she would be able to help me.

Shortly after, I started training with Julie once a week, and attending multiple classes at the gym. Not only is Julie great, but the other trainers and members are as well. Unlike other gyms, Julie’s is like a family. From the moment you walk in, everyone makes you feel welcomed, supported and cared about. That support is honestly a huge part of the reason I am able to write this. Not only did I have Julie, but I had Tracy and Lisa helping me every step of the way, along with all of the other gym members, who have been cheering me on and celebrating every ounce/pound of my weight loss, and applauding me every time I am able to do just one more push up. From that split second decision, which was a little over 6 months ago, through today, I have lost close to 30lbs and 30 inches of fat. For me, Julie’s Fitness Studio was that missing link, and that one phone call has changed my life. I no longer stand around wishing I could lose that extra weight, and making excuses to myself on why it hasn’t happened. When my son turns 2 in February, I can truly give him the gift of being a healthy mom, and one that loves to run around with him!

Angela Rose

What can I say? This has been a journey of a lifetime, to say the least! In January a good friend convinced me to try a class at Julie's fitness studio! In a very hesitant manner, I agreed. Little did I know this would change my life. For years, I was ashamed at the lack of attention I had given to myself. I'm not sure if I even looked in the mirror at myself anymore. I had given up and made others my priority. It was time to think of ME! I began to open my eyes and see the unhealthy lifestyle that I was living. Admitting there is a problem is half the battle! I was moving very little, actually avoiding it. My eating was out of control. I would skip breakfast and lunch and then eat EVERYTHING in the evening. Foods filled with massive fats and calories. My choices at restaurants were repulsive. I was even winded walking up a flight of stairs in my home. Something needed to change, fast!

I decided to join the annual weight loss challenge at Julie's fitness studio. Why not! That was the puzzle piece that changed everything! Julie offered nutrition classes as well as personally assisted me in realizing that breakfast is an important meal and eating small amounts throughout the day is much healthier than starving yourself. I went full force, taking classes almost every night. I started personal training with Julie, the biggest motivator of all! The most amazing thing about Julie's fitness studio is the fact that NO ONE judges you, instead they ENCOURAGE! It's a big family and I had became a member of this family. During that first class, I couldn't do a full sit up or hold a plank and I was winded at every move. Never, was I judged for this! I was given great praise once I could "rock" those sit ups and hold that plank. I was getting stronger and stronger! Wow, that felt good! You see, it's your journey, your story and everyone at this studio respects that. It warms my heart that the instructors are willing to support in such a positive manner. Julie, Tracey, Mary and all the instructors at Julie's fitness studio are fantastic and a huge part of my continued success.

As I began to loose weight and become stronger, I noticed a happier more confident ME. I felt better because I was moving and eating healthier. So, here I sit several months later and about 40 pounds lighter. It's nice when people notice and your husband smiles a tiny bit bigger at you (this could be in my head as my hubby has always smiled sweetly at me but his support has been overwhelming). I even had someone not recognize me. Crazy how that weight can change your appearance. Last week, I decided to go shopping and I have dropped from a 2XL to a L in tops. Pants I have gone from a 20 to a 14. There was certainly a happy dance in that fitting room! I have a long way to go, I continue to go to classes every week and my personal training is a must. I look forward to the workouts and I LOVE the way I feel! The energy that I have exceeds anything I ever expected. I will continue my journey, changing my life, one pound at a time! I'm still me, a healthier more fit me! Thank you Julie's fitness studio for assisting me in this journey!

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  • 1 year contract with auto-withdrawl

Spin Pricing

Spin 60

5 classes: $35
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5 classes: $45
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5 classes: $30
15 classes: $55


5 classes: $40
15 classes: $85

  • M,W,F Am classes



members and non-members

  • Any class
  • price is per class

Other Training Options

Personal Training

$40/45 minutes for in-studio training. Discounts available for multiple people per session.

Silver Sneakers

Classes are free for Silver Sneakers members. If your insurance doesn’t include a Silver Sneakers membership, you can attend these classes for $3 each.


To inspire, motivate and create a better you!

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